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Yoga vacations are taking off all over the world. Low-stress, no-hassle trips are now a highly sought-after experience and we’re here to make it simple.

Yoga Vacations

We partner with yoga studio owners and independent yoga teachers

You’re a Yoga Teacher with Certification, you have yogis asking you for yoga vacations, and you are interested in leading a Yoga Tour for small group of 8-16, but not sure how to start…this partnership is for you.

As a reputable yoga teacher, your expertise and connections are with your members and your practice. sejours-passion expertise is in the logistics and negotiations of organized group travel. We create opportunities for you to offer the most rewarding travel experiences to your members ! Our current French spring Yoga Tour is outlined here.

Yoga journeys and yoga retreats... your pick !

Our yoga journeys offer more or less 45% of yoga practice, while our yoga retreats offer 45 up to 75 % of yoga practice (elaborated from our customers survey expectation).

During a journey, you will travel from one place to another. Your guests are free to follow (or not) while exploring the concepts of yoga that you choose to integrate. Along the journey and during a retreat, you’ll meet international yoga teachers and you’ll practice classes in unique places such as art museums that open their doors specifically for your group.

2018 French spring Yoga Tour 9-day package available for partnership

Pricing Starts at

  • Single Occupancy: € 3150
  • Double Occupancy: € 2650

Three different locations in Provence and Côte d’Azur. We provide all breakfasts, many group lunches and dinners, culinary experiences/cooking classes, tours of markets, wine tastings and French yoga classes. We also include cultural and historical visits and ground transportation.

The Process

sejours-passion create a tour for a specific area/country. No need to worry about an itinerary or hotel, we negotiate an inclusive trip! Guests simply reserve their spot and book their flight. If they would like to travel solo without being alone and enjoy a journey that’s more likely to renew than exhaust them…. this tour is perfect!

Getting Started

Gather your students for this fabulous yoga journey and as the group leader, your tour costs are covered. In addition to this, you can add your personal fees and still keep the tour affordable while ensuring that it’s worth your time away from your regularly scheduled classes.

I'm a Yoga Studio Owner or an Independent Yoga Teacher, I contact directly sejours-passion

Commitment to Yoga Teachers

At sejours-passion we are eager to work with you, answer all your questions and assist with all the details. We can also schedule a presentation of the tour and its itinerary for you and your yogis. Feel free to contact us or register to receive a call from us!

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