Yoga Tours

Schedule your own yoga retreats and yoga journeys

sejours-passion expertise is in the logistics and negotiations of organized group travel,

We possess expertise and innovative resources to help design your Tour. We provide a ground service based on a wide-range of local French and European, and now worldwide knowledge.

Each sejours-passion package Tour includes yoga classes welcomed inside art museums, along with connection with local yoga teachers who lead inspiring group classes in their own studio.

During your stay, you’ll enjoy historic and heritage accommodation, every transfer, most meals, cultural visit, a lot of gateways, and much more…

As a yoga teacher, your expertise and connections are with your members and your practice,

Either you are an independent yoga teacher, or a yoga studio owner, team up with sejours-passion to discuss specific offers or to design your own custom yoga tour.

Your personal compensation,

You communicate with your group and have your people signed up for the Tour. Finally, you or one of your teacher, escort your Tour as a Group Leader while teaching yoga classes. Because we factor your involvement as a partner, you get a complimentary Tour including your own travel expense and on the top of that, we share the overall profit of the tour with you, giving your business the opportunity to grow.

Benefit a yoga tour experience from our previous guest’s perspective. Please fell free to call them to get live testimonials.

Nous vous proposons d’organiser votre Yoga Journey ou Yoga Retreat aux Etats-Unis avec l’un de nos Yoga Studios partenaires.